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Tue, Jan. 30th, 2007, 01:14 pm

Setting: In bed an briefly woken up for a goodnight chat with Aria, who was in a cab on her way home from Willie's show at the Living Room. Earlier in the day, I started updating my dream journal again and started a new online journal.

I'm on a sort of dating game show. We are at a swank night club with a black and white color scheme. The girls in the club are trying to make us do something embarrassing. I'm sitting at a round table with a number of people I don't know. The door to the bathroom opens up and Jesse and Marcus are in the bathroom snorting coke off the bathroom floor. I go and close the door so no one can see them.

I leave the bar and I'm in the country side. There are a group of people there who are supposedly my cousins. They attack me and try to tie me up. I somehow win the fight despite being outnumbered and tie them up instead. I look around the farmhouse and in the garage, there is a large safe behind a concrete wall. I take a truck and latch some cables onto the truck and wall and tear down the wall. I inform the family that I'm going to untie them because if we are family then we should get along. I untie them. One of the girls my age tells me that the two of us aren't actually related and starts kissing me. I leave and head back to the barn where an older man is trying to break into the safe. I try to stop him and plead for two of my "cousins" to help me. They decide they will. I pull a gun and so does one of my cousins. The other starts talking on his cell phone. The man pulls a gun as well and I put mine down. My cousin with the other gun is no where to be found and the man with the gun starts attacking me. I throw things at him and try to escape. I start to crawl under a truck and when he sees me, I hit him with a foam tube (the kind you play with in a swimming pool). I see a little girl of about 4 years and crawl out from under the truck. I start to wrestle with the man and twist his arm so the gun is pointing at him. I pull the trigger on the gun and it shoots him in the stomach. Then I go over to the little girl and try to comfort her.

Mon, Jan. 29th, 2007, 11:59 pm

Setting: Let my boss into his apartment in Los Angeles after he returned from his honeymoon (I was apartment sitting). Getting up early to help Pam move into a new apartment.

I'm at an apartment party playing some sort of gambling game. The game is played in two and my partner is far better than I am and only one person on the other time is any good at the game. The rounds of the game stay fairly even until the two good players decide to ditch the two of us and play an uneven round against myself and the other useless player. The wager is $14000. I don't find out who wins. We leave the apartment and out to a car, we drive around back roads looking for something and eventually stop in a barn. We get stuck inside the barn as the temperature outside drops and the barn gets covered in ice. In an attempt to escape we begin digging into the ground and drilling out ice as move. We dig far into the ground and eventually create a cave of sorts where everyone begins to tire out. Katie is there and I tell everyone that I'll continue on and try to find help. An anonymous person comes with me and we continue digging our way through the ice and eventually escape. We meet up with a search party and they say they've been looking for us. I explain where the others are and say we need to rescue them.

Sun, Jul. 16th, 2006, 11:19 am

Setting: Snoozing over and over again when I realize its Sunday and before noon. Partied with Willie and Jesse the night before and went to the "Soft Spot" for their one year anniversary.

I'm in a position similar to Jim Carrey's in "Bruce Almighty". Morgan Freeman is moving around the city Google Maps style on a moniter and looking for where it was that I messed things up. I suggest something about two neighboring gangs and we watch a simulation of what would happen if their dealers in a certain part of were removed. He explains that there would be but nothing too dramatic. He then says that something bad would happen if I had been careless and messed with certain people and used bees to do it. We go into a theatre and begin to watch what would happen. On the screen they begin to show a group of cops setting up a sting operation. There is a man in the theatre next to me with his kid and I now have some sort of make-shift nerf-gun. The man tells me he likes my movies and then mentions a few scenes he particularly liked. I thank him but don't recognize any of the scenes he mentioned. I assume he has mistaken me for Haley-Joel Osment. On the screen, the sting operation goes badly and the car carrying the man they were trying to catch starts to drive away. I chase after it (now being in the movie I suppose) but can't catch it. I look over and there is a car with its window rolled down. I look in usual places for keys (the ash tray, the sun visor etc) but don't find any. A lady walks out to her car which is parked behind the one I'm trying to steal. The lady is talking to her daughter so I walk away.

Thu, Jul. 6th, 2006, 09:47 pm

Setting: Only a few days in New York and the first one of which I've gone to sleep sober. Sleeping next to Willie, since my bed hasn't arrived yet, after hearing him recording some new music.

I'm explaining to a number of people about a screenplay that I've written for a horror movie. Among these people is my brother and we decide to film the movie. We film the entire thing in one take but during the filming a number of things go wrong including the deaths of a number of actors. The monsters in the movie kill people by some sort of sucking face action. They appear as gooey blobs. No one seems to notice the mounting deathtoll but instead decide amongst themselves that they think the movie isn't any good. They begin to complain to me that I wrote a crummy movie. The forerunner of the complainers (who is particularly harsh) is my brother.*

*-Editor's Note: This if anything should have tipped me off that it was a dream because my brother has never been anything but supportive, just as the rest of my family is.

Sun, Apr. 2nd, 2006, 12:14 pm

Setting: Went out to an "80's Prom Night" party. Came back around 2 and went to bed. Complained a lot about how early people end parties in LA.

I'm at my farm back in Casey County. I'm playing some sort of board game, only I'm actually in the game. The point is to be the first player to reach a flag of some sort and then bring it back to a van. The flag only reappears every so often. We start heading toward the flag and I reach it first. I grab it and start to head back. I'm moving at too fast of a pace than for what is normal in the game however and someone asks me how I'm moving so quickly. Once I get back to the van, two other people say that they have as much claim on the flag as I do. When we get into the van there is a third person already in there with another flag. We all crowd in and someone starts to drive us to drop off the flag. At one point we hit a hill at the wrong direction and I point this out. The driver tries to turn around and drive back down the hill and I say that the van is going to flip. Right before we end driving down the hill, I appear outside the van, see the van flip then disappear. I point out that I knew that was going to happen then head back down to the house.

When I reach the house, I realize that everyone there is younger than they used to be. My aunts and uncles are all roughly my age. I ask what year it is and they say its 1920. I tell them that I'm from the future and they accept that with no problem. I tell my Aunt Susan about her children and what their names are going to be. I tell her that Seth will really enjoy trains. I tell my mom that it can't be 1920 because she wouldn't have been born yet. They tell me its not 1920 but that my Aunt Jeanne is 20 and that since my mom was born in 1950, that's what year it is. I sort of accept this. My Uncle Jay says thank you to me and I tell him thank you for everything he will do for me. A bus pulls up and the driver is Native American and says only whites are allowed on the bus. I ask when the next bus is coming but he doesn't tell me. I see a very thin but attractive girl standing there. I ask her if she wants to get on the next bus with me so we can hang out with people our own age. She agrees. I go back to my family and tell my Uncle John that there is something important I need to tell him before I leave. I say that he shouldn't go see the Mission: Impossible movie that will come out with Tom Cruise because it will ruin the show. He asks if the show was still on and my mom explains that it ended in '88 (not actually true) with a six hour finale (also not true). He is surprised that it was still on in '88 and I tell him it was on during the fifties and sixties with certain casts and then ended and wasn't on during the seventies but brought back with a new cast in the eighties (again, not true).

Mon, Feb. 20th, 2006, 07:00 am

Setting: Lost my phone over the weekend. Went to bed after talking to Jamie and having Chris send me a song.

I'm in a setting with the cast of "Friends". I go to my job (not the one from real life) and meet a girl. We immediately hit it off and go off and lay in the grass somewhere. Rachel asks us where we met and the girl tells her "At Uylneverse". She points to a star in the sky and says that that is Uylneverse (pronounced like "You'll never see"). Rachel says that it isn't a star but actually a planet and then lunch time comes up at work. There is a computer system that matches people to who they might like to have lunch with and it doesn't match me to the girl. We go back to the cafe that everyone in "Friends" always eat/sit and Chandler explains how the lunch system works. Ross asks how it could find someone for him to eat with and Chandler says "You're an anomaly." The laugh track laughs. Ross' ex-wife then informs him that she is taking full custody of Ben (their son) and that Ross cannot see him any longer and can only talk to him on the phone.

Mon, Jan. 30th, 2006, 07:30 am

Setting: Sunday night after watching a lot of stand-up and some Nip/Tuck. Pam got in a pretty bad car wreck the night before but wasn't hurt, although her car was totalled.

I don't remember a whole lot about the dream but there were a couple things about it I wanted to log. I was at some sort of party and someone walked up and confronted me and the girl I was with. He yelled a lot and then pushed the girl into the swimming pool. He jumped in after her and I followed. I started wrestling with him and once I started winning, he yelled "How did you get this number?" at me. At some later point I asked the girl he was with what he meant although she didn't answer I got the impression that the number was the id for the dream. I was in someone else's dream and the number he spoke of (which I didn't actually know) was basically the equivalent of an IP address on a computer and I had somehow connected to a seperate dream.

Tue, Jan. 17th, 2006, 07:36 am

Setting: Sleeping on a normal Monday night. I showered that night rather than in the morning.

My brother was killed and I'm a prime suspect. They don't hold me at the jail, however though as I claim that my cat committed the murders rather than me. I try to show them that the tabby could murder someone by giving a demonstration where the cat holds a piece of toast in its mouth and explain that she is holding the toast harder than she should be. They tell me that it couldn't have happened and send me home. The cat turns into a larger cat when we arrive home and tries to kill me. I leave the apartment unusually calm and leave the cat inside wrecking everything. A friend comes over and I ask her to let me stay with her. She's scared of me and says no. I ask her to take me to the police station then but she says she cannot because she is going ice-skating. I ask if I can come with her and she agrees. We get to a field and I ask where the ice-skating rink and she points to a neon-lit barn. We go in and my cousin Nicholas is there. He is getting ready to ice-skate and play Game-boy at the same time. I decide to do the same and there is a slot in my shoe into which I can put the game. I notice that I have two copies of Tetris and three copies of Tazmania. I take the game out of my shoe and state that I have practically every Gameboy game ever. I realize I can't use my shoes to hold the game as I will be wearing ice skates so I put a copy of Tetris into my pocket along with the Gameboy and another game. I talk to my cousin Jerusha and she tells me I've met Christian Slater. She holds up a picture of someone and says that its a relative of Christian Slater and that he oftens skates at this rink.

Wed, Jan. 4th, 2006, 08:30 am
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Setting: Sleeping after a very dull day.

I'm in a swimming pool/lake with a child of about one or two. He has on floaties and speaks perfect English but seems too young to be able to do so. We play around and jump off of things into the water. I take off one of the child's floaties to show him how to blow it back up if it loses air. The child jumps back into the water without it and floats sideways, not able to swim. I get the child out of the water and put his floatie back on him. I head up to a dock and talk to some family friends then head back to a camp where I am staying. I talk to someone who is my brother and/or a friend. We decide we have to leave the camp because if we wait then they won't let us. I announce we are leaving and everyone is quiet. We begin running away from the camp and then slow down. I inform my companion that we should keep running because in a few hours we will be considered fugitives and the people at the camp will start to track us. We decide to stay at the dock where I was swimming before. We get there and the father isn't very happy about us being there but lets us stay. We sleep a bit and then at five get up and get ready to leave. I am about to take a shower and Pam knocks on the door. She says "I guess you didn't do so well waking up without my help." I think to myself that I had gotten up myself but say nothing of it. She reaches through the door to hand me some toothpaste and a toothbrush. After my shower, I head up to an assembly of sorts. I am supposed to M.C. it. I begin talking and realize that my microphone works as a beatbox. Someone says that only black people can rap so I play the beatbox over the loudspeaker. A group of people begin to freestyle but a lady cuts them off and begins playing eighties music instead. Everyone boo's and a man insists that everyone needs to rest and we should play something mellow. It is already night again. He tells me we should play "Sea" because he used to work there. I don't understand what he means but I say "Fuck yeah" then think to myself that I should not have cursed in front of him. I suggest playing my mix tape of "Panic! At the Disco" and "Air" in hopes that the "Air" portion will be mellow enough for him but that I can then get people pumped up by playing "Panic!" later.

Tue, Jan. 3rd, 2006, 07:34 am

Setting: Went to bed early after watching "Arrested Development" a couple days after the new year.

I'm a monk. I'm with two other monks as we prepare for mass and we are discussing the fact that we think a number of the restrictions placed on us are unnecessary but that we cannot really object to them. One of the other two monks, who is also the organist at our church brings up the fact that we are not allowed to have any interest in music. He tells us that the fact that he is the organist has prevented him from ever being fully initiated into our order. He is expected to abide by all the rules and regulations but does not have the actual title. He pulls out some paper and hands it to us and tells us that while he has held up all of the other restrictions of our order, he has refused to let go of his musical interest and has begun writing a symphony. Afterwards, mass begins and the three of us are standing in our own little balconies. The organist monk begins giving a speech against the restrictions of our order and I have a flash back of when I had decided to become a monk.

I'm at a church camp with Aaron and his brother. Aaron is telling me that he scared his brother that morning in their bunkbeds. He had hung his feet over the edge of the top bunk then leaned over to talk to Shane. Shane saw both Aaron's feet and head and thought Aaron was floating midair and did not understand it.

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